Burgol for Excellent Shoe Care – Get notable results!

Ten years shy of a century since the first product, Burgol shoe polish has not changed one bit. The family business based in Switzerland has not seen the need to change anything on this superior leather shoe care product that is now sought after in Canada and other parts of the world. This business has been successfully selling their product since 1921 and according to the management; they owe all their success to not altering the original ingredients. This means that the Swiss company did not fall for the temptation to use white spirits in their polish for a temporary buff that damages shoes. They did not use shortcuts like others who sell polish and their dedication certainly paid off. Because of this, the high quality shoe polish can be used for leather care to maintain a long lasting shine.

Burgol in Canada - Valentino Garemi!
Burgol products at Valentino Garemi

The combination of beeswax, palm wax cream and natural dyes gives the Swiss polish potential to protect all kinds of shoes. Due to the high quality ingredients used to make Burgol, you can trust it on nubuck and suede shoes which need superior protection from water, dust and other elements.

Nubuck leather is a top grain and therefore expensive type of leather whose owners like to maintain using high end Burgol polish. It is utterly difficult to get quality polish for cordovan shoes which are in a rich burgundy and dark rose color. However you can easily find the right color polish in Burgol’s vast collection of shoe care products. The color choices include white, black, green, beige, blue, Bordeaux red, red, brown and colorless among others that you can even mix for an amazing finish. Such high quality products like Burgol can be hard to find in the market but thankfully you can easily find them at Valentino Garemi‘s website, a special place for people who are serious about shoe care. Besides the polish you will find other Burgol products to help polish, buff and shine your favorite leather or suede shoes to perfection. These superior products will amaze even the worst skeptics with their ease of use and visible results that do not demand so much energy. The Valentino Garemi blog offers people interested in Burgol all the tips and information on how to buy the polish online. When the recommendations come from this reliable, authority blog, anyone can confidently choose this polish for premium shoe care. Burgol polish is also economical as a 100ml tube reportedly cares for 240 pairs of average size shoes.

Ready for travel? How about your footwear?

You don’t travel in just one season or one type of weather or for one purpose. Your personal style could be dancing in the moonlight on a Rhine cruise or trekking the African bush to the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. Business could call you to the damp streets of soggy old London or the hot, gritty sidewalks of lower Manhattan. But when you travel, you’ll likely use your feet a lot more than you do at home. Your shoes, and the feet in them, can take a real beating.
Most of us don’t worry a lot about keeping our feet happy – until they’re not! But a little foot-focused thinking before you travel can save a lot of pain- figuratively and literally. Will it be hot? Or wet? Sandy grit? or mud? Rough terrain? Slippery? Just how fancy or how casual?
Pack the right footwear for the conditions and the activities your expecting and then pack along a handy small shoe care travel kit or just treat it home before traveling with some shoe care conditioners and waterproofing. If conditions won’t be much different than home, pick your shoes for comfort and travel with one of the conveniently sized SHOE CARE TRAVEL KITS offered by Valentino Garemi. If your trip is heading for greater challenges, you can design a personal kit for your specific needs from the wide, online selection of foot and leather care products to ensure you enjoy your travel experience from start to finish.
Keep in mind, at the core of your footwear survival kit, you will need a high quality shoe cream to nourish and restore the abused leather and a polish to maintain and restore the beauty. The French company SAPHIR. offers a range of products: from DELICATE LEATHER CREAM, for the most supple and fragile of exotic leathers, through POLISH PASTE AND SHOE CREAM, with shea butter and beeswax conditioning, to the ultimate, DUBBIN VEGETAL EVEREST, designed to soften and protect in extreme conditions of ice and slush and mud.
Go online to investigate our wide range of leather care and shoe care products and assemble the travel kit that works for you.

Shoe Care Kit – Renoir – from Famaco France

The Famaco Shoe Care brand is a name known globally for their quality leather care products. They have successfully made a name for themselves as a leading brand for your everyday leather care needs, from cleaning and nourishing the leather to protecting and shinning. The Luxury Shoe Care Kit – Renoir offers all the tools vital in properly caring for your fine leather. Don’t be fooled by the name, this kit can be used on many other leather items in your home, not just footwear.

This leather care set comes equipped with the many essentials for your leather belongings;
Polishing brush for buffing to beautiful shine after polish is applied.
– a cloth, which plays a vital role and can be utilized in varying ways. This cloth can be used for applying the included, shoe creams or leather balm.
– The Famaco leather balm is perfect for cleaning and conditioning. Simply apply with your cotton cloth or with one of the two jar daubers and allow drying.
– Following up with the Famaco shoe creams, there is the added bonus of having access to neutral and black in this kit. Applying the cream to nourish the leather, it works by absorbing into the pores of the leather allowing it to return to its original color.
– The last shoe care tool in this case is the 7” long shoe horn. Made from light and durable plastic with the imitation of a real horn.
All of these wonderful items are included in this beautiful piano finish shoe care valet box.
When you make the decision that you want to properly care for your expensive leather than you should consider purchasing this kit, it will serve you well.

Shoe Cleaning | The proper way

Everything you have in life needs to be properly maintained and care for, why would your shoes be any different? When you made that purchase you did so because you loved how they looked or felt on your feet. There is a problem though, when after some time, shoes just don’t look or feel the same anymore. This is because footwear needs regular maintenance to refresh and keep them looking new. With specific tools and solutions in your arsenal you will be able to perform the right job – the proper shoes cleaning job!
Everyone should have a shoe care kit or a shoe maintenance set so that they can properly care for their leather footwear, in this kit you will need the items that are specifically geared to what you own as well as some items that are of a broader category.

Shoe Care set - La Cordonnerie Anglaise
Shoe Care kit for proper cleaning and conditioning footwear.

Such category, you will find that any kit or set must have a brush that can be for cleaning, polish applicator or polisher. A leather shoe brush is used for many things and is an essential tool. For instance, the SHOE EDGE CLEANING BRUSH BY FAMANCO is a narrow brush that aids in reaching into the seams and creases to remove dirt and debris without harming the leather. There is the impressive polisher as SUPREME POLISHING BRUSH which is sturdy brush, made from natural horse hair that are used for bringing that perfect shine to shoes and boots to make them look new again.
If you have purchased suede or nubuck, you will require a precise cleaner made especially for that variety of leather. This type of leather requires detailed attention; after all it would be a shame to put the time and money into acquiring that perfect pair of shoes just to have them not looks fabulous in a few months. An invaluable product is SAPHIR OMNIDAIM; best on market from all aspects, this liquid is applied and allow sitting for several hours, it will restore that gorgeous material and have it looking bright and clean. This suede and nubuck leather cleaner is also perfect for removing resin that is left behind by inferior shoe cleaning products.
With winter fast approaching, there is that problem that comes with it – snow and ice plus the destructive salt. Salt is absolutely not a friend of leather and sometimes it is just not realistic to have your footwear never be exposed to the environment so its imperative to have such cleaner as well as SAPHIR DESALTER. The name says it all; this product is like liquid gold for your suede leather. It removes those unsightly salt stains that are left behind on your exquisite footwear and leaves it looking untouched by this seasonal nuisance.
These are just a few items that I feel play a vital role in caring for your refined leather goods. A shoe care kit is of the utmost importance and you should equip it with the products that are designed for the footwear you own.

Polishing cloths – a must have shoe care accessories

How many times have you wanted to give your leather shoes a quick shine before heading out of the house or you have just come in from a windy day, and your shoes are very dusty and dirty??
These are the times when polishing cloths are useful. They can go by many names such as polishing cloth, shining cloth, a chamois or even as simple as cleaning shoe cloth. No matter the name, they all have the same thing in common and, are an essential item used in the care of leather.

On our store, you can find a selection of several good polishing cloths made from 100% cotton with generously large sizes and excellent stitching jobs.

Choosing the correct Saphir product – When To Use Reno’Mat And When To Use Renovateur ??

We have been discussing a number of the products made by the French company Saphir over the past few blog posts. One question that you may be asking is how to make the decision between using Saphir Reno’Mat or Saphir Renovateur.
The answer is that each of these products has its place in your short care regimen. You may even use both of these products from time to time on the same shoes or boots depending on their condition or special issues that present.
Use Renovateur For Routine Maintenance

Saphir Renovateur is a cleaner-conditioner making it gentle enough to use frequently on your precious leathers. Use the jar or the tube , whichever you feel is most convenient. The formula dissolves dirt and grime allowing them to be cleared away. Nourishing ingredients in Renovateur penetrate into the leather to soften, moisturize and condition it. If desired you can use a pigmented wax or cream after Renovateur as well. An application of a protector or neutral gloss is also appropriate.
An application of Renovateur also can be an all-in-one experience, permitting you to clean and polish to your desired shine without using other polish or waxes. This can make mid-week touch ups easy to do, keeping your footwear looking great with a minimal effort when your time may run short.
Use Reno’Mat For Buildup Removal And Deep Cleaning

Saphir Remo’Mat is a different type of product. Designed to deeply clean leather this product removes dirt and grime like Renovateur but goes even further, dissolving polishes and waxes. Correctly applied, Reno’Mat will reduce buildup and residue on leather down to the factory finish.
Because Reno’Mat is so powerful it is recommended that a spot test be done before use. It is also suggested strongly that once Reno’Mat has done its work an application of Renovateur be completed on the leather. This is because Remo’Mat is not intended as a conditioner and may dry the leather as it strips off layers dirt, polish and wax. Leather that receive heavy outdoor use may profit from an application of Saphir Dubbin after a treatment with Reno.Mat.
Stock Both And Be Ready For Anything
The message is received. A well stocked shoe care kit will contain both Reno’Mat and Renovateur. Use each for its intended purpose and these effective and high quality French products will care for smooth leathers effectively, adding years of enjoyment to your ownership of leathers cared for with Saphir.

Saphir Renovateur – all what you need to know about it !!

Saphir Renovateur
One product every leather care collection needs is Saphir Renovateur (Renovator), the amazing French all-in-one formulation. This colorless cream is equally effective as a cleaner and a conditioner. Even more impressive, the one step cleaning and conditioning is followed by an impressive shine created without additional products.
Dissolving excess pigments and lifting away soil and grime, Saphir Renovateur may be the only leather cleaner you need. The soft cream is easy to apply and gets wot work immediately, a perfect one step deep cleaner. Leather cleaned with any of the Renovateur products is ready for application of pigmented polishes and other leather beautification options, the leather clear of dirt and staining, pores open, breathing like this fine natural material should.

The rich oils and waxes of Saphir Renovateur include shea butter, ox-foot oil, lanolin, carnauba wax and beeswax as well as mink oil. This luxurious combination of natural ingredients penetrates and revitalizes even dried, abused leather, restoring suppleness and maintaining essential moisture.
Keeps leather glowing when Renovateur is used as a soft polish. In between intensive polishing treatments the original or Medaille D’Or 1925, handy for traveling, provides the base for a wonderful shine.

Shoe & Boots Stretch Solution – Benefits for all tight Leather Footwear

How many pairs of shoes and boots have you bought because they looked fabulous in the store only, to wear them the next day for a few hours and your feet are in so much pain you take them off, put them in the closet and try to forget they exist. They were the perfect shoes, they fit so well in the store but not your feet.
There was that pair of boots that you bought, they fit all the way the way up your leg like they were made just for you. You decide you want to wear them for a night on the town but now they don’t want to zip all the way up because your calves have swollen from your long day of work.
What about that time you found that pair of shoes, you know the ones that you had to have because they would match that outfit like no other pair of shoes ever can! You ask to try them on only to find out that the only ones they have left are half a size too small for you. You say to yourself, who cares…I will suffer because they look so gorgeous and then you come to discover that you just can’t bare the pain of them and so those shoes get put in the closet to be forgotten as well.
If only there was a way to make those shoes more comfortable, to stretch the calves of those boots so that they fit, to make those shoes that half size bigger so that you don’t feel that agonizing pain when wearing those shoes. NOW you have a way around to these problems and it is a shoe stretch solution, very popular lately since proofed to many happy customers that impossible can be possible.. These are a spray or simple pulverize that you can use to soften the leather on your shoes and boots to help them stretch only in the spots that you need them too. The spray is quite easy to use, all that you need to do is spray the area, inside and out, that is affecting the proper fit of your shoe or boot. Then you put your footwear on and go about your day. It really is that simple. You can repeat the steps each time you wear the shoes until optimal fit is achieved.
This product is really an invaluable product to have in your shoe care kit and you can easily find it at Valentino Garemi’s online store. It will save you a lot of discomfort and you will finally be able to get those shoes back out of the closet and on your feet again where they belong.

Back to School

BACK TO SCHOOL time is upon us and with it comes the cooler weather. Some of us are dreading this change of season but others are very excited to be rid of the heat and trade it in for beautiful, cool fall evenings. This is the time where you can show off your luxurious leather jacket that has been just sitting in the closet collecting dust or those lavish cordovan leather boots that you have been dying to get out of hiding. You excitedly open your closet, grab your jacket and getting disappointed to discover how dusty it is. Then you grab those boots and see how dull they look from their season in the shade at the back of the closet. Now what to do, these pieces cost you a fortune and look old and dingy. All is not lost, there is a way with the proper tools and steps to recover these precious articles and have them looking like the day you walked out of the store with them in hand.
The first thing to know is that when you acquire such posh things you must have the proper tools in place to keep them looking fresh. These tools will save you so much in time and money if used in the proper way. You can easily purchase a kit that will have everything you will need from beginning to end in the care of your leather.
One such kit is the Luxury Shoe Care Kit-Renoir by Famaco. This glorious kit is not just for shoes but can be used for all your leather requirements and it comes with the essential Crème Delicate, which is low wax content it’s a must have for any leather to nourish and revitalize it to its original shine. The kit comes in a beautiful box which is just a wonderful added feature to this already luxury set.
There are many other sets that are available to aid you in your leather care and you will find these Shoe Care Kits plus all the other items you will need at Valentino Garemi.

Leather Furniture – How to Care – Where to buy Sets and Kits

It can be very overwhelming when you own leather furniture to know the proper products to use to keep your furnishings looking like the day you purchased them. From the normal everyday wear and tear to the accidental spill, these things can ruin these invaluable items if the proper precautions are not made.
The most important step to make when your furniture arrives, whether it be a couch, lazy boy or ottoman is to condition and protect it. This must be done to any type of leather and can be achieved with the right products. There are so many options to choose on the market that it can tricky to know what is just the right thing for your needs. It is most valuable to obtain a kit; within a furniture care kit you will find all the necessary tools to achieve the outcome you desire.
Kits come in all forms, the important thing to look for is something that comes with a cleaner, conditioner, protectant and most importantly a tool of some sort to attain the finished product you desire. For example, the SAPHIR SMOOTH LEATHER CARE SET will have all the necessities. This set includes a delicate cream that will provide a wonderful conditioning and layer of protection. They provide a chamois with the set to apply the cream and aid in buffing and shining when application is finished. There is also the added bonus of the saddle soap, the soap is the ideal product to have with your leather are supplies as it is a gentle but complete cleanser that will remove grease and staining from any leather. This soap comes complete with a sponge that fits inside its tin.

Leather Furniture Cleaning and Protecting Set
Leather Furniture Cleaning and Protecting Set

At Valentino Garemi we understand the importance that comes along with your furnishings. Not only are they an important purchase that you have made, whether it be because you bought that new home, received that much overdue promotion or just because you deserve the finest things in life but we also want to help you keep these things looking like they just came home with these few simple tools. Visit the store to purchase this kit or to search for the one that is ideal for your needs. The store is stocked with the top names in leather care such as SAPHIR, AVEL and FAMACO and there will be everything you require to meet these needs at a click of the mouse. As an added bonus, purchases over $85 will receive free shipping plus a cleaning glove.